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Principal's Message

Welcome Knights!


Dear Students, Staff, and Parents:


Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  Granada High School is part of the Le Grand Union High School District and is a small continuation school. Granada High School provides a positive, caring, safe environment for students to develop good character, respect, and responsibility.  Our commitment at Granada High School is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that reflects on the needs of students and builds a foundation on 21st Century Learning Skills.


As a Principal at Granada High School, I take  pride in offering our students a variety of courses and programs that prepare them to be college and career ready.  We believe that Granada High School is a place that should encourage the development of high ethical and moral values, cultural integrity, and a love of learning. The support parents show their children at home manifests itself in how successfully students embrace opportunities presented to them at school and in life.  Thought-out the year we measure students’ growth and establish clear learning goals that increase students’ performance in the classroom and needs of students and empower the students to achieve things they never thought were possible.


 Granada High School is to create a learning atmosphere where students can achieve success, have a place where they can learn to be self-directed, self-motivated, self-disciplined, and mature.  The result of the growth can be manifested in accumulation of “lost” credits, which can lead to return to Le Grand High School and graduate with their class or they can choose to graduate from Granada High School and then go on to college or a career.  An integral part of the program at Granada High is our level/cycle system.  Students are assigned a “Level” and receive a report card at the end of every three-weeks grading cycle.  Throughout the year we measure student growth and establish clear learning goals that increase student performance in the classroom. At Granada High we monitor student attendance, ensure students meet the credit cycle every grading period, keep on top of discipline issues, and increase the amount of positive information families receive. 






Gia Priddell

Granada High School Principal

[email protected]

(209) 389-9400 ex. 1370